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About Paper

Founded in August 2013, Paper Games (“the Company”) is a growing Internet company in the interactive entertainment industry. The Company started from developing female-oriented mobile games, among which are some famous names such as Nikki Up2U, World Traveler, Miracle Nikki, Love and Producer, and Shining Nikki.

The Company’s first work Nikki Up2U is a pioneer of dress-up games. Its sequel, Nikki Up2U2: World Traveler, is the first mainstream dress-up game in China.

The third work of the Nikki series, Miracle Nikki, was initially launched in 2015. Having more than 100 million registered users all over the world, Miracle Nikki has won a global reputation so far. Since the launch of Miracle Nikki, the Nikki series has become the most influential female-oriented game franchise in China.
At the end of 2017, the Company launched its first work of Love series, Love and Producer, in mainland China. The game, highly appreciated by players and industry peers, became a social media hit and garnered several influential awards in the industry. Since now, it has attracted nearly 100 million registered users. As the most successful and topical female-oriented game in 2017, Love and Producer has become another milestone in the female-oriented game market since the success of Miracle Nikki.

In mid-2019, the Company launched its first next-gen 3D mobile game Shining Nikki. Developers of this game used industry-leading technologies to present high-end graphics on mobiles. Shining Nikki soon amassed tens of millions of players and became the most downloaded game on the App Store on its release date, setting another shining example for dress-up games in China.

In addition to mobile games, Paper Games invests in animation, filming, music, and other entertainment products/services, serving users’ needs from every aspect.